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Peace, Not as the World Gives
20190929 by Julia Bennett

I'm sorry this season has been hard, she said empathetically.
It's okay, it's just been bittersweet, I paused, but isn't it almost always bittersweet?

This life we live is full of ups and downs. It is fairly safe to sa
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The Disappearing Art of Kindness
20190922 by Carla Moore

We see and hear it everywhere ...rude gestures as someone cuts you off in traffic, the news, talk (shout) shows, and don't even get me started on social media. Why is everyone so quick with an unkind word or post? It seems most of the culture has forgot
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My Story - God's Design
20190915 by Stacey Burton

I have been married for 26 years. I can sum up the first 24 years for you with the following words: anxiety, fear, control, an extremely critical spirit, and desperation. Let me unpack those a little for you.

Anxiety: When I got marrie
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What Goes In Is What Comes Out
20190908 by JaDonna Brattin

From my early childhood, I was easily captivated by people and things that appeared beautiful. My imagination was fueled by fairy tales, beautiful princesses with tiaras, ballroom dancers with fancy dresses, ice skaters and, of course, Barbie. As
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This is the Way - Walk in It
20190901 by Jannette Weaver

How do you walk your day? Stop. Take one minute. Just one minute. Can you take one minute in silence and think clearly on one thing for just a single minute? Or are you like me and you think of at least half a dozen. You start out thinking about Poi
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