“Commit your works to the LORD and your plans will be established.” Proverbs 16:3

If you commit your works to the LORD, your plans will be established …because once you truly commit your works to the LORD, you are no longer setting your own plans. Instead they will be set by God. Consider an eggs and bacon breakfast You have probably heard that the chicken makes a contribution, but the pig makes a full commitment. This kind of commitment takes true Surrender. That is my word for 2018 …Surrender.

I abandoned the idea of making resolutions long ago; yet as we start a new year, I tend to reflect on what God has been teaching me and I believe He is working on me in the area of surrender. I would like to say this will be a quick lesson but I have a feeling that it could take a while for me to really understand the meaning of surrender at the level that God wants me to understand it.

Surrender goes against my very nature. I value the tenacity of never giving up. Yet God wants me to give up my full self to Him; to give my desires, my plans, my works, my whole heart, mind and soul. That’s a big ask …and it comes from a BIG God. No, full surrender will not be an easy thing. This could be a long lesson. Yet it is one I want to learn.

What is God wanting to teach you? If you truly seek Him on this, He will show you. Do you desire to learn the lessons He has for you? Even if they are not quick or easy? Seek Him and you will find Him …along with the lessons He longs to teach you.

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