Cleaning House

By Ginny Reding I’ve been on a do-or-die operation the last several weeks.  My mission:  to eradicate the gazillion flies that have invaded my home; to locate nesting areas and destroy flies and their offspring.  I show no mercy.  I swat, swipe, even take the shop vac to them, which can be quite effective, I… Continue reading Cleaning House


By Alyse Fields “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6 I have a sweet 18 month old little girl – she is simply a delight! Most of the time….as long as she is not hungry.  I mean, this sweet baby girl just about cannot handle it. … Continue reading Hungry

Generations of Love: Alpha to Omega

By Jannette Weaver What is a blog?  When Mendi asked me to write a blog I thought, “Hmmmm.  Well.  Where do I start?” Webster’s dictionary definition includes words such as personal reflection, comments, hyperlinks, videos, experiences, observations, and opinions.  Then I’m thinking, “This sounds a lot like Facebook!!!”  So, piece of cake, right?   Not so… Continue reading Generations of Love: Alpha to Omega


By Jennifer Duncan When I was small, I always struggled to be included in play with my older brother.  He had such great “grown up” ideas, that were even more appealing because they were often on the edge of the boundaries set by our parents.  It was his idea, for example, to “baptize” me in… Continue reading Busted