Give Thanks

By Mendi Behnen As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reading Luke 17:11-19 which is about a man who is known for giving thanks. Luke tells us about how Jesus sees ten men with leprosy as he was traveling along the border of Samaria and Galilee. They recognize that He is Master …even over disease, so they… Continue reading Give Thanks


By Kim Hoover Sunday evening our pastor continued preaching from the book of Ecclesiastes. The scriptures that he read came from chapters 5 and 6. As he began reading it wasn’t long before God began to speak to my heart. I sensed God speaking to me in Ecclesiastes 5:18-19 which says, “Even so, I have… Continue reading Enough

Truth Be Told

By Ginny Reding The wall behind my computer monitor is filled with clippings, photos, quotes; things I have deliberately placed there to remind me of good memories or of truths I want to be realities in my life.  Some of these treasures have been there over ten years, yet at times it seems as if… Continue reading Truth Be Told

Peace, Not As the World Gives

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By Julie Bennett “I’m sorry this season has been hard,” she said empathetically. “It’s okay, it’s just been bittersweet,” I paused, “but isn’t it almost always bittersweet?” This life we live is full of ups and downs. It is fairly safe to say that in the course of our lifetimes we will all experience a… Continue reading Peace, Not As the World Gives

My Story ~ God’s Design

By Stacey Burton I have been married for 26 years. I can sum up the first 24 years for you with the following words: anxiety, fear, control, an extremely critical spirit, and desperation. Let me unpack those a little for you.  Anxiety:  When I got married, I was ready to be a bride but I… Continue reading My Story ~ God’s Design

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What Goes In Is What Will Come Out

By JaDonna Brattin From my early childhood, I was easily captivated by people and things that appeared “beautiful”  My imagination was fueled by fairy tales, beautiful princesses with tiaras, ballroom dancers with fancy dresses, ice skaters and, of course, Barbie.  As I entered my teenage years I traded Barbie for Teen Magazine with pictures of… Continue reading What Goes In Is What Will Come Out

Invasion of the Frogs

By Jennifer Duncan In Exodus 8, when God uses troublesome plagues to convince Pharaoh to free the Israelites from slavery, Egypt is invaded this time, by frogs.  There were frogs everywhere…in the houses, in beds, in the oven, in kitchen bowls, and, I’m imagining…even in their shoes!  Moses offered to pray for God to remove… Continue reading Invasion of the Frogs

Unfading Beauty

By Mendi Behnen UNFADING BEAUTY. What do you think of when you hear these words? Does it make you want to plan a trip to a salon or spa, or maybe the mall, perhaps even a journey in search of the fountain of youth? Down deep, we all want to be beautiful. Even if you… Continue reading Unfading Beauty