Living by Faith

“I care not today what tomorrow may bring, if shadow or sunshine or rain.  My Lord I know rules over everything and all of my worry is vain.  I’m living by faith, in Jesus above, trusting confiding in his great love.  I’m safe from all harm, in his sheltering arms.  I am living by faith and feel no alarm.” (This great hymn was written in 1918 by James Wells.) 

I began living by faith in Jesus at the age of nine. 1965

Jesus has never failed me, not one single time!

  • Living by faith as I trusted the Lord with all my heart and no longer relied on my parent’s faith.
  • Living by faith in Jesus as I sought His will for my spouse and married Craig in 1974.
  • Living by faith as I became a mother in 1977 and 1979 and 1983.
  • Living by faith when we packed up our three boys and moved to North Carolina for Craig to attend seminary in 1988.  God supplied our needs.
  • Living by faith as I returned to the workforce.
  • Living by faith as our sons left the nest to attend college……God supplied our needs.  God sent three godly daughters-in-love – 2003, 2004, and 2005.
  • Living by faith as I became a grandmother to premature triplets in 2007 and then two grandchildren miscarried.  God was a healer of heart, body, and soul. God blessed us with 12 grandchildren during the next 9 years.
  • Living by faith when my husband was diagnosed with a terminal lung disease in 2009.
  • Living by faith in Jesus throughout my husband’s disability/retirement in 2018.

I Samuel 7:12 “…Thus far the Lord has helped us” My Ebenezer

Living by faith until my hope is a reality and I see Jesus face-to-face.

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