Invasion of the Frogs

By Jennifer Duncan

In Exodus 8, when God uses troublesome plagues to convince Pharaoh to free the Israelites from slavery, Egypt is invaded this time, by frogs.  There were frogs everywhere…in the houses, in beds, in the oven, in kitchen bowls, and, I’m imagining…even in their shoes!  Moses offered to pray for God to remove the frogs, confining them to the River Nile.  Pharaoh liked this idea, of course…but when asked, “When do you want this deliverance?” he replied, “Tomorrow.”

Is this as puzzling to you as it is to me?  Why would Pharaoh want to spend one more night with the frogs?   Why would he not respond, “Now!  I want them out of my house, now!”? Let’s face it, this wasn’t Pharaoh’s brightest moment.  But we’re smarter than Pharaoh.  Aren’t we?

There are “frogs” that can invade our lives and threaten the sense of peace God wants us to have.  Things like

  • thoughts that don’t line up with the truth of God
  • words that are streaked with strains of gossip
  • behaviors that lack self-control
  • actions that fail to reflect His holiness

We see the frog, sometimes.  We flick it away in irritation.  We wish it wasn’t there.  But we don’t exterminate it by the power of Christ that lives in us!  We are willing to live with the frog in our house, one more night, at least.

This does not have to be.  It’s as simple as letting His Spirit teach me: 1) where the frogs are hiding,  2) how to implement practical steps to sweep my house clean, and 3) when to start the extermination process.  (Spoiler alert…He’ll almost always say, “Now.  Do it now.”

Have some “frogs” invaded your life?  Are they making your spiritual life uncomfortable and unfulfilling?  By the power of His Spirit, you can be rid of them!  And you don’t have to wait until tomorrow.

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